Motorsport Racing

Before I even knew what speed was as a baby I had a craving for going fast! At first this was just jumping out of tree's and riding down hills as fast as I could go...

With a family in the motortrade my thirst for speed soon turned to horse power and racing, with over 20 years experience behind the wheel there is nothing with a motor that I can't drive.

Due to my passion for racing I have been heavily involved in motorsport, drifting especially since 1997 and have competed throughout UK and Europe.

I have been an ambassador for Corbeau Seats and LUKE Racing since 2012.

My biggest passion has always been and always will be driving! Anything that has an engine I just want to have a go. I used to be a keen stunt rider both on motorbikes and quads but recently trying to stick to the cars so hopefully no more broken bones.

I am currently in talks with teams and sponsors for a drive in the British RallyX for 2018.


  • AARDS (MSA) Race License
  • Professional Drift License (UK/Europe)
  • UK Full Motorbike License


I won an egg and spoon race, does that count?

2010 - 2nd in British Drift Championship

2011 - 4th in British Drift Championship

2015 - 2nd British Sprint Championship – Essex Arena

2015 - 1st Modern Classics Race - Snetterton

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